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Coffee and Herbs

Hand-made, hand-poured, small batches, made to order, no GMO, sustainable, eco friendly...and all with love.  That is what you will find in each and every plant, product and service offered by The CoffeeLady31, LLC.  In a world where the "bottom line" is the end result, our goal is to provide for YOU, affordable products and services that will enhance your way of life, with the utmost respect to our environment  Our prices are such that they are affordable for you and provide a sustainable income for us.

Each and every item is crafted with love, care and life; life that makes the crafter come alive.

So, come along with as we learn about gardening, farming, herbs, plant medicine, coffee, coffee botanicals, preservation, and caring for our The Earth.  

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Fresh-Roasted Coffee
Hand-Crafted Candies

Fresh Herbs and Produce
Dried Herbs


Botanical Products
Herbal Blends
Plant Medicine

Educational Classes
Speaking Engagements
One on One Consultation



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