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About The CoffeeLady31, LLC

Coffee and Herbs
...and  whole lot more!

The CoffeeLady31, LLC offers fresh-roasted coffee, hand-crafted candies, a plethora of herbs and herbal products, and encouragement, empowerment and educational sessions, particularly to women.  This journey that culminates a life time of hobbies, passions, pursuits and purposes, is grounded in the roots of love with you in mind.

Our Vision, Our Purpose, Our Mission

To Enhance

To offer goods and services that satisfy and improve the spirit, soul and body.  Our offerings are based in love and priced as such to be affordable. Profitability is not our main purpose. Ten percent of our sales dollars are donated to various charities and non-profit organizations.

To Educate

With so much to learn about plant and herbal medicine, it is our duty to pass on as much knowledge as we retrieve when it comes to things regarding earth and nature.  Focus is on our youth and BIPOC, but to anyone who is of a mindset to learn native things.

To Empower

Through training and hands-on, we empower those we educate with the tools needed to embark upon this journey.  This journey of restoring the soul back to the things of nature.  

To Enlighten

Our blogs are intended to inspire and to enlighten.  Whether it be inspirational or "herbarational," we intend to inspire. 

Our Mission

Much of what we buy is mass-produced and made for the sole purpose of profit. Our mission is to provide our products and services from and with love. While we intend to generate sustaining revenue from the offering or our goods and services, profit is not our main purpose.  All of our efforts are crafted with love, care, life and with you in mind.

Our Purpose

Based on Hippocrates statement, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food,” The CoffeeLady31’s purpose is to empower the consumer with the necessary goods to provide enjoyment, improvement and overall benefit to the way of life.  Coffee, candies, crafts, herbal essentials, herbs and vegetables hand-made and grown with wholesome products and minimal, if any, preservatives and chemicals. With the intake of more items of benefit and the  intake of less items of detriment, we believe the body has a better chance of operating in its original intent. Our purpose is to empower the consumer with the knowledge that the body is our temple, so we should be mindful of anything we ingest, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. what we ingest;  all of these things shape us into who we are. 

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Who Is The CoffeeLady31?

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Farmer CeCe

Cecelia Miller, aka Tractor Girl and Farmer CeCe, is the force behind The CoffeeLady31. After a total of 25 years in lab and quality management, an initial start in business in 2001, and three years in education, Farmer CeCe felt the pull to launch out into business again. A pastor’s wife, a chemistry degree, a certified quality auditor, a licensed minister, a studying herbalist and aromatherapist, a master gardener, a certified zumba instructor and a truckload of challenges and opportunities continue to graft her into the woman she is today.  The shop name is derived from her love for coffee and the fact that her mom often refers to her as the Proverbs 31 lady.

Cecelia enjoys baking, gardening, canning/preserving, crocheting...and of course coffee! The kitchen and the garden are her sanctuary.

Married for 30 years and counting to Ronnie Miller, her greatest joy is settling into the role of matriarch for her family.  Her sons Joshua and Jaylin, her daughters by marriage, Raven and Ria, and Farmer Asher, her first grandson, put the biggest smiles on her face.

"My grandmother gave me my first cup of coffee one morning, so to her I owe my love for the beverage."

Farmer CeCe also feels compelled to motivate others, particularly women, through teaching, speaking, writing and mentoring.  Her desire is to empower women to not be limited by preconceived stereotypes.

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