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Here is Holy

Updated: Jan 1, 2019

Here is Holy

A season of busyness…hustle, bustle and grinding to take advantage of the holiday season. Necessary and expected, but the body feels the affects. HE has upheld HIS promise and has proven to be be with me…even during these hectic times.

After these things, all these things that make for a good season for The CoffeeLady31, HE comes. HE shows up. Emmanuel…God with us. HE comes and brings all things needed for restoration. As I settle, I can hear HIM walking in the cool of day. And HE comes bearing gifts. Bringing even more of HIMSELF as HE desires fellowship and communion with me. HE shows up and gives me the manna needed, the replenishment needed, the drink of water from the well that never runs dry. I drink, I eat and my soul rests. And here is holy.

Rest, a sabbath rest. There is a rest for the people of God. Could it be that the short -tempers and the mental issues result from a lack of rest? The rest that differs from sleep. Sleep the time of inactivity, when the body, and supposedly the mind, ceases activity. The eyes are closed. And sleep comes.

But, HE brings me the gift of rest. A calmness, relaxation, a refreshing. And here is holy. A rest where the body, soul and spirit are at ease. Fellowship with HIM, communion with HIM automatically brings rest. A rest that can allow the head to lay upon a stone and not be conscious of the fact that God is there. How often we confuse accomplishments and works as holy. But, here is holy…a holy rest that remains and is available for the people of God.

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