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Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,

That's the scripture that comes to mind when I think of yesterday.

Farmer Asher and I had the pleasure of being guests on a local TV station (WSPA). The interview with these ladies was phenomenal and the outpouring of love shown was tremendous. Every share on social media and every congratulation has not gone unnoticed. The increase in foot traffic at the shop and on the website was more than I ever expected. So to all of you, thank you!

The link for the T.V. Segment

I try to settle the being this morning and soak it all in. And quite honestly, I'm speechless, stumped, overwhelmed. The heart is so full of gratitude. When I think back of how things started in 2016, when the work seemed so small, I am totally blown away at where we are now. "Despise not small beginnings!"

The crazy thing is that I really cannot tell you how this is all happening. I know there's a vision, I know there are gifts, I know there is purpose. Yet, from day to day, I really don't know how it all will come to pass. And here we are, doing this thing that seemed a dream for so long. I am grateful!

What is our purpose?

To Enhance the spirit, soul and body with our goods and services. Our offerings are based in love and priced as such to be affordable. Profitability is not our main purpose. Ten percent of our sales dollars are donated to various charities and non-profit organizations.

To Educate regarding plant and herbal medicine. It is our duty to pass on as much knowledge as we retrieve. While we focus on youth and BIPOC, we are willing to pass on knowledge to anyone who has the mindset to learn of things regarding earth and nature.

To Empower through training and hand-on learning, we wish to empower those we educate and from whom we learn, with tools need to embark upon this journey. This journey of restoring the soul back to the things of nature.

To Enlighten and encourage through blogs, speaking sessions and sometimes just a listening ear.

I believe that when purpose collides with The Divine and the future, miracles happen!

Thank you all for trusting me and allowing me the opportunity to pass on what I believe HE has given me to share with the world.

Now...let's get to work!

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