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I’m not a public person. I’m very private and will at all measures keep the affairs of my life out of public opinion. Blame it on my DNA and on my intense desire to raise PK’s out of the discretion of nay-sayers, I try to keep my business out of the streets.

However, 2019, has come and brought with it some challenges and opportunities. Among opportunities if you will has been my hair. As I continue to study herbalism and plant medicine and the need to change my lifestyle to more closely represent the one HE intended in The Garden, my hair became a struggle. Protective styles, e.g. crochets and weave, help to hide the issue for a long time…yes hide the issue. Little did I realize that my hair was an issue.

I admit, I saw snippets of “Nappily Ever After,”(haven’t watched it or read the book yet), and when I did a chord was struck inside of me. A chord that said, my hair is an issue for me.

I always thought it funny and could not understand why I, a light-skinned girl, would have what we in our culture have called nappy hair. I made attempts to keep mine straight and frowned upon those who had already taken the leap and would remark, that’s not cute. Until I slowly begin to realize, that I had an issue with my hair.

The more I walk with YHWH and journey into the the things and the life that I believe HE has for me, the more evident things, and people, become that do not fit. And this was becoming the case with my hair. It was as if I was trying to fit old wine into new wine skins. My attempt to have what many in our culture have tagged as “good hair” was not fitting into my journey with YHWH. I knew what I was hearing, but I was SO scared. What would people think? How will I look? Will preacher like it?