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How In the Heck Are You?


It's been so long since we reached out to our subscribers, that I figured the title would be quite catching. are you? I hope all is well and that the spring and summer have been full of life and sweet memories. We think of all of you constantly and we continue the work we started with our customers, clients and subscribers in mind. Thank you for continuing to be with us.

With that said, grab a cup of coffee and backtrack with us a few months. We would like to update with you with all the happenings around the farm, with the coffee truck and with Thadora Farms.

Plant Sale

Our May plant sale, though a little late than we planned, was quite the success. As always, the barbecue was quite tasty, and we enjoyed some breath-work and movement with Gabby. We weren't quite sure who would show up, so the practice was modified for a few seasoned folks, but they had a ball! We saw plants take new homes, and we still had quite a few left over, even after planting. The greenhouse is still full of peppers, tomatoes and a few herbs and are given quite the harvest of itself. We may be on to a new thing with growing tomatoes in the greenhouse. We'll see how the rest of the season pans out.


We had another successful spring and summer gardening classes with the Boys and Girls Club of the Upstate. Our summer sessions at Chesnee Elementary and Drayton Mills Elementary were full of fun and learning. From growing mushrooms to releasing butterflies, the kids had fun. We look forward to gardening again in the fall. We also continued our classes with Unity in the Community finishing up the last week in July with summer camp where the kids learned how to make different herbal drinks and tie-dyed shirts with pokeberries. Our July Saturday class was one of the best as we officially deemed ourselves as "herbologists" (an herbalist who makes mixed drinks with herbs). We look forward to continuing our monthly classes this fall.

We will also begin an eight week class with the Wofford Lifelong Learning. There are a few spots still available. If interested in the Wofford Lifelong Learning sessions, please visit