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Behind The Scenes

The paths in our lives might begin with a single fork in the trunk of a tree at its base, but soon that fork has forks within forks until there are a thousand branches growing in different directions. The first paths aren’t even paths we chose; they are chosen for us. Some are hidden or at least unknown to us. Paths can twist and turn until we end up on a road we can’t find on a map or remember wanting to travel on. There we are, out on a limb, hanging on, and we can’t remember how we get there.” (The Way of Tea and Justice, Becca Stevens)

The above quote is from my current read by Becca Stevens. It is the best summation of my life. The year comes to a close with its usual “midnight shockers,” if you will. News circulates that Betty White passed, weeks before her 100th birthday celebration. The year has been full of twists, turns and forks in the roads less traveled, most of which were not planned.

We spent the week between Christmas and New Year in Orlando, Florida. Thinking hindsight, I wonder had I been privy to the current conditions would I have agreed to the plans. COVID numbers are surging, with Florida being one of the usual hotspots. Nonetheless, there was some rest, relaxation and recreation and I literally unplugged from it all. For the first time in our marriage, we spent New Year’s Eve in a hotel and on the road traveling on New Year’s Day.

The trip has been good. Like the current trajectory of my life, it took some twists and turns that I did not envision. It seems that there were some things, some hidden issues, some old scars of the heart that tractor girl had pushed under the rug that needed to be uncovered, processed, dealt with; issues that needed to be released before the start of The New. The Spirit, along with the new moon and the new year seemed to aid in making all said things come to surface. And so they did.

As we travel back to the Carolinas this New Year’s Eve, I think on how I would best sum up the year. I have described it in many ways. Yet the title that seems to keep coming to mind is, “Behind the Scenes.”

One fall afternoon, I sat with a dear friend, one of Farmer Asher's fans, having tea in my herb garden. We were discussing the great things he had on the horizon, and the topic came up: Behind the Scenes. I told him, I’m working on a blog, not knowing at the time when I would post it. We continued to inhale the herbal tea and reflect on all that was happening "behind the scenes."

Behind the Scenes: the summation of 2021 for tractor girl.

What can I say, the year 2021 was like nothing ever envisioned. There were and continues to be many plans in my heart; but YHWH’s purposes continue to prevail. I’ve likened my journey to stepping get into a river. With each step, new ripples are formed and I know not which way they will run. The road, and non-roads, less traveled is an understatement.

As I look back in gratitude, I embrace the hurdles and accomplishments. The year began in winter solstice, with time spent in hibernation: reading, writing, planting, planning and learning. I spent a lot of time in the green house. I love the winter and though we had less snow than I had hoped, I still enjoyed it. We saw the inauguration of a new president and the first black woman as vice president. We also witnessed one of the worst times in the country’s history that I have ever experienced, an insurrection on the capitol. White supremacist scaled the capitol and hel