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Herbal Body Butter

Herbal Body Butter

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Our whipped body butter comes in several fragrances. Shea butter, kokum butter, coconut oil, infused oils and essential oils are among the ingredients in this master of a moisturizer! Best use is after bath or shower. 

Seasonal: The Harvest Blend is available from September to November. 

Seasonal: The Winter Solace Blend is available from November to March.

  • Calming

    A lavender body butter

  • Healing

    Our body butter recipe with infused marjoram oil, geranium and grapefruit essential oils, which can bring a sense of calm, balance and healing. 

  • Winter Solace

    One of our most popular blends.  Our basic body butter recipe with infused fir oils, and a blend of essential oils from the evergreen and citrus family.

  • BeLoved

    A whipped body butter with tulsi, rose and lightly scented with calla lily. Rose and tulsi embrace the heart to remind that you are loved.

  • Balance

    Our whipped body butter with patchouli and other essential oils.

  • Breathe

    Our whipped body butter with eucalyptus and other essential oils

  • Honeysuckle

    Our whipped body butter with the smell of summer with honeysuckle fragrance oil and other essential oils

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