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Getting Back to Center

I’m studying yoga. At the mention of the word, most form the image of the being in asanas, seated, hands bowed, and head lowered. Namaste.

Studying this practice has been great for me physically and emotionally, and even spiritually. It allows me to get in touch with a realm beyond what is physical. It’s my time of meditation, my time to touch HIM.

Strangely enough, the more I study yoga, the more aware I have become of the forces around which seek to trouble the sanctity of the being. Anxiety attacks have come full force and with greater strength in an attempt to reinforce its hold on tractor girl. The battle of the panic attack have sent me to re-read a message I had written regarding Peace or Panic. HE always, somehow or another, finds a way to remind that there is still only “one thing.”

Be Still and Know That I Am God!

The simplicity of HIS message gets lost in the chaos of everything around. Even the good things can bring an amount of disorder certain to set the being into panic mode. Combine the two extremes of good and bad, blessings and what seems to be curses, highs and lows, all at the same time, and presto anxiety overload!

But, here in this place of instability, HE brings back to center.

Be Still and Know That I Am God!

Turbulence, boisterous waves, tribulations in this world, pain, loss, and heartache all come to shake the very foundation of the being. Things become rattled and the soul begins to unravel.

But, HE is brings us back to center!

Be Still and Know That I am God!

Be Still when it’s raining.

Be Still when the sun is shining.

Be Still when it’ hot.

Be Still when it’s cold.

Be still when full.

Be Still when hungry.

Be Still when well.

Be Still when sick.

Be Still in good times.

Be Still in bad times.

In all situations and in all times, get back to center…

Be Still and Know That I Am God!

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